Making your dream home a reality.

Hanley Construction has built some of the finest luxury homes in San Diego.
Hanley Construction. Custom home builders.

Joe Hanley makes dream homes a reality. Hanley Construction is responsible for building some of the finest luxury homes in San Diego.

Hanley Construction’s goal is to provide the highest quality construction in San Diego, with a high level of attention to detail. But don’t take our word for it – view our portfolio of homes, and see for yourself.


After a long apprenticeship as a framing carpenter, finish carpenter, cabinetmaker and job foreman, Joe Hanley established Hanley Construction in 1989. After a break-in period of small additions and remodeling projects, the firm was soon engaged in building custom homes from the ground up. Construction superintendent Mike Prchal joined the firm in 2000.


When building your home, Hanley Construction always strives to provide excellent craftsmanship, in an efficient time span, at a fair price. A proven track record in meeting these goals has resulted in all work coming through a chain of personal referrals.


One of the key benefits we offer you is versatility, as demonstrated in our portfolio of finished projects – featuring project experience in many different styles, from Spanish Colonial Revival and Tuscan to Prairie and Craftsman, from comfortable retro cottages to sleek contemporary homes.

Key relationships

Some of the best and most talented architects and interior designers in the San Diego area work with us on a regular basis.

Local, North San Diego focus

Hanley Construction focuses on the coastal communities – Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea – of North San Diego County, and the inland communities of Meadows Del Mar, Rancho Pacifica, and Rancho Santa Fe.

This geographical specialization benefits you and your project, as we can give continuous personal supervision on a daily basis of all ongoing construction sites, and meet with you promptly as your schedule allows.

Remodels too

Although the portfolio showcases new custom homes, we can also help you with the special challenges of complex remodeling jobs.

Happy clients

Through earning and fostering excellent relationships with past clients, Hanley Construction is not only recommended to their friends, but we’re ready access to all completed projects. This gives our new clients a tremendous advantage, because if they are uncertain of the effect of a certain design idea – whether it be round copper gutters or honed granite counters – we can escort them to a project to see the work accomplished in suit.

If you’re looking for work to be good, fast, and inexpensive, you’ll be lucky to score 2 out of 3.

At Hanley Construction, we strive to satisfy you on all accounts.

Hanley Construction. Custom home builders.